Have you ever wanted to be in South Park?

I have grown up with South Park for 2 decades and in those years its both made me laugh and acted as my moral compass. Before you begin to judge what I just said really think about it, South Park has discussed respecting others beliefs, freedom of speech, not to judge people based on one aspect of who they are and these are just three of the many lessons that have either subtly put out there, or in some cases thumped us over the head with a metaphorical stick. That’s why I am not really surprised that Matt and Trey (the shows creators) have teamed up with Omaze to offer an amazing opportunity: (and this is all taken directly from Omaze)

1.Be immortalized in an episode of South Park and get drawn into the show as one of the townspeople
2.Meet the show’s hilarious creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone
3.Visit the South Park studio, grab lunch and see how the show comes together
4.Get flown out to LA and put up in a 4-star hotel (and you can bring a friend

All this is in support of NEXT for AUTISM which is a nonprofit organization that helps with services for people with autism.


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