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Adam Strange/Future Quest Special #1 Comic Book Review

I was born in the late 80’s and grew up in the 90’s so I was a huge fan of the New Adventures of Jonny Quest, for the theme tune alone, on saying that I am also a comic book nerd, it was never my intention to become one, it just kind of happened around the time of the crisis and that’s where Adam Strange comes into play. Adam is one of the more overlooked DC charcaters and it’s a real shame that he has been, bar a brief appearance in Batman Beyond and a great re-imagining in Young Justice he never gets much attention, I can only presume this is due to his pulp style or his similar name to Marvel’s Dr Strange. To basically sum up who Adam is and this will be me really oversimplifying it, Adam is a scientist who travels to another world, falls in love with a girl and becomes that world’s hero. Adam Strange gets to live every perverts Captain Kirk’s fantasies, save the alien world and get the alien girl, he is a pretty cool guy.

In this issue we get a great, campy yet fun team up where team Quest and Adam Strange unite to take on terrorists and prehistoric creatures, who ever came up with this idea was either crazy or on something, but this campy team up is right in every way. If you’re bored of how mainstream comics have gotten way too gritty and serious and you’re yearning for a light hearted story with some depth then this DC comic and Hanna Barbara crossover is for you. Not only that but it does finish off with a Batman – Topcat cross over and seriously if you do not want to read that then you’re dead inside.

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