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Cyborg #1 Comic Book Review


Cyborg issue 1 continues with the deep thoughts of its rebirth issue. We are still left to wonder where the man ends and the machine begins. Personally I feel that the distinction is irrelevent, Cyborg is Victor Stone, he is not Frankenstein’s Monster, he is not a computer but he is the man he has always been. This man can process information at a far quicker rate than any other human and he one of the most powerful entities on the planet but he is still himself and that wont’ change unless he lets it. I suppose these are questions that any science fiction fan worth their salt will know from Ghost in the Shell and several other works, though this does not make the questions any less relevant, in fact I feel these questions are more relevant than ever especially in a world where the line between artificial and natural is starting to become less and less distinct.


Moving away from the futurist views that the issue has brought us, it’s still a pretty powerful tale of what it means to be human. Looking at it from the perspective of the imperfect is perfect in its own way and not everything is meant to happen in the way we expect it to. Throughout the story we see Cyborg as a vulnerable man, but a strong one none the less and someone who is trying to make the best of what he’s got, he is a brave soul in a dark world.


Its a good plot line dealing with internal and external struggles, bringing forth the inner demons and a whole host of evil machines for Victor to battle, this is going to be an epic plot and I look forward to seeing how it goes.

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