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Green Arrow #7 Comic Book Review


A running theme in Dc Rebirth is family between those that we are born with and those that we choose, in the case of Green Arrow it’s a little of both and even maybe the family that is thrust upon us. I have loved this comic book series from start to finish, Green Arrow is one of my favourite current running series and Oliver Queen is one of my favourite characters of all time, from the gritty on the road days, to the cartoon (my favorite version) and onto the hunky brooding man crush that is the live action series. Oliver Queen is just cool and unlike heroes such as Batman you can relate to Green Arrow. He is not perfect as he drinks, he is political, he loves the ladies and he is not above killing someone, he is human and that is why I love the guy.


Now as Green Arrow comic  books go this one does not feature a whole lot of the emerald archer, instead it chooses to follow his younger half sister instead, which does lead for some interesting reveals. We get to see into her mind a bit more and finally see what makes the girl tick. Emi is starting to become one of my favourite additions to team Arrow even if I am not quite sure where she stands hell I don’t think she even knows where she stands and it’s leading to a fascinating story that has yet to unfold. What little we see of Oliver is brought to us in flash backs where we see his political side coming out and the fact that the lad has a set of balls to truly be feared, while in our current time line we see his little sister stand up to the Yakuza, which also takes balls. It’s an interesting plot line and I really want to keep reading so give me more now!!!

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