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Raven #1 Comic Book Review


She is the half demon daughter of the Doom bringer Trigon. Probably one of the most powerful and beloved characters in the DC universe. Few can match her bravery and now she must face her greatest challenge yet… high school. If you know of Raven it’s probably through the comics, the Teen Titans Cartoon or the Injustice video game, either way you will know she is a powerhouse character who should not be messed with.


Her mother was lured to a cult and raped by its demonic leader Trigon and this drove her to a near breaking point, but in this darkness hope could be found and Raven found herself in the realm of Azarath where she was trained by its pacifistic inhabitants to control her powers and gain a better understanding of who and what she is. Though it wasn’t until she helped reform the Teen Titans that Raven really began to understand what it meant to be human. It was with her comrades that not only did she truly become a hero but she finally had a family that she could share her hopes and dreams with, people that she was willing to fight and die for, it was then that Raven became her true self and over powered her demonic heritage.


After some very turbulent events Raven has decided to reach out to the only biological family she has, her biological aunt. We now find the half demon daughter living with an incredibly christian family, which leads to some very comical moments, such as Raven calling everyone muggles. Though home life is far easier than school life, where she finds teenagers to be kinda rude and immature, but in both cases we see her prevail and try to find a new place for herself.


The new story line really helps add a lot of depth to this already beloved character and I have to say her new design is just perfect and the story seems like it spot on, this would be all thanks to Marv Woolfman and if you don’t know who he is then seriously go look him up, he is one of the best writers DC of the 20th/21st century and he is doing a fantastic job on this comic book series. Once again DC have come out with another great issue that is totally worth a read and  I hope you all enjoy.

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