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Blue Beetle:Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review

Jaime Reyes has finally come back in the DC Rebirth and this time he is teamed up with Ted Kord.

Warning: possible spoilers ahead.

If you have not read any Blue Beetle comics before, Ted is the second Beetle in the comics and back during the Crisis he died an under appreciated hero who showed the world what he truly was capable of, while after Ted’s death Jaime went onto become the new Blue Beetle and the first to tap into the full potential of the Scarab that they gain their name from. DC Rebirth has changed a lot, Ted is no longer dead and Jaime has formed a weird partnership with him that for them leaves a lot to be desired but for the readers it’s pure gold.

Blue Beetle

Rebirth isn’t a hard reset on the Dc world but more of a soft one, where it took all the things we loved and mashed it together, which is why I am pleased to see Jaime keep his identity a not so secret with his friends and family just like it was in his original book. I also like that they kept Jaime, he has to be one of the best characters to come out of DC in recent years. I like how they have brought the Silver Age and Modern Age together like this. Though our villain did seem a little lack luster, but they made that part of the plot which again seems like it’s going somewhere fast.

My particular favourite part of this issue was the little slices of life, like watching Jaime’s friends bicker about simple things like saying God bless you, that is such a teenage thing to do, or teasing him for being late and a superhero. This is a series with some layers to it, obviously it has the action, but it also has a few laughs and it’s going to have some drama too, complete with teenage angst, boys and their toys oh and a certain sorcerer too. Unlike the average dynamic duo this calamitous couple have yet to refine their team work. Ted has the brains and gadgets, while his reluctant ally is the muscle and together they are going to embark on a crime fighting career that is reminiscent of a little of Batman and Robin and a little of Laurel and Hardy.

Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1 is available to buy from today by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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