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The Hellblazer #1 Comic Book Review

The Hellblazer is back ,he is also a crafty conjurer with a heart of gold and I am loving it. This issue is a strange mix of ;nerd references, magic, naked asses and comments about British culture that most outsiders wouldn’t understand. I am not blowing it out of proportion when I say the scale of this story is epic stretching from Sarajevo 1914 to today then onto other dimensions such as the Rot and the Green. This one issue is a glimpse into the universe that DC created and how epic and massive it truly is. One nice touch that I am enjoying DC doing is that they are blending other characters into their stories so that when they are needed it does seem forced and Constantine is a perfect example of that. Swamp things continuous appearances throughout the plot seem natural and necessary as opposed to some other team ups. With every issue they are showing us more of this beautiful and massively scaled universe.


It’s a weird story filled with some in depth philosophical questions about who Constantine really is and maybe who we really are and of course some dirty sex jokes. If you want to see crime fighting boy scouts in tights and capes then this is not the series for you, but if you wanna see a man who will do anything to stop evil, even using his friends and someone who never seeks glory and a guy willing to do the dirty work then this is the character for you.

This isn’t the hero the world wants but he sure is the one that they need.

The Hellblazer #1 is available to buy from today by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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