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Suicide Squad #1 Comic Book Review

The ‘Suicide Squad’ has once again been assembled, and this time they are on a mission with an intergalactic agenda. With their lives on the line these unlikely heroes do not hold back and are catapulted straight into the action, in order to carry out yet another mission that the good guys would be unable to stomach.

For this review I’m going to assume that anyone reading this will be well aware of the premise of the Suicide Squad otherwise, I have to wonder where you have been…


Although this issue seems to act as a mere set up for both the antagonists and the mission, readers will not be disappointed as these unlikely heroes are faced with peril and heroics, despite not even truly beginning their mission.

Writer Rob Williams continues with the introductory theme within his one-shot and ensures that any new reader is well aware as to what really makes these menacing heroes tick. Williams seems to have a good grasp of the psyche of these individuals and manages to demonstrate their individuality within just a few panels.

However, Williams has gone a step further in ensuring that the reader is fully bought into his team and has penned a backstory of one of the main characters. This glimpse of the past lends this particular character a whole new level and may even lead the reader to empathise with this unlikely anti-hero. This particular tale has managed to raise the appeal of this first issue and I would even go as far to say that it is worth buying this issue, if only for this snapshot into this tortured character’s past.

Alongside William’s excellent character development are Scott William’s and Jim Lee’s illustrations. The lines within the panels are almost rushed, lending some extra drama to the chaotic scenes unfolding. Although this might seem like they were grasping for a deadline, I feel that this actually demonstrates a great understanding of the characters within this tale, as there are certainly no ‘fine-lines’ to them.

So yes, I am happy to report that this issue will more than maintain the hype around this particular set of characters. In all, ‘Suicide Squad #1’ will leave any fan of the series or in fact the movie, gasping for breath as well as the next issue.

Score: 8/10

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