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Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1 Comic Book Review

Recently the ‘Birds of Prey’ have had a pretty high turnover, some questionable members and a fair dose of fallouts, so I, for one, and happy to see a return to the more familiar line-up.


Those that know their ‘Birds of Prey’ trivia will know that ‘Oracle’ (‘Barbara Gordon’)and ‘Black Canary’ founded the group as far back as 1996 and that ‘Huntress’ joined later as their problematic, yet effective third member in 2003. In this issue of ‘Batgirl and the Birds of Prey’, these bonds are being reignited as the trio (in this timeline) begin to form a tenuous alliance.
Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.
In this alliance, however, their goals and even methods differ, but their paths have nonetheless aligned. For those, like me, that are set to see this series through, it seems that a hilarious clash of ideals is set to ensue. In one corner we have the forever ‘girl-scout’ mentality of ‘Batgirl’ and in the other the somewhat ‘capital punishment’ minded ‘Huntress’. Somewhere in the middle of this we have ‘Black Canary’ who already seems set on playing peacemaker and in this issue, we see things from her point of view.
Through ‘Dinah’s’ eyes we see a glimpse of the past where ‘Barbara’ was ‘Oracle’ and ‘Dinah’ would fully rely on her teammate’s quick mind and meticulous planning. Forward to the future and the duo has returned side by side and on the hunt for the charlatan who has adopted ‘Batgirl’s’ previous alias ‘Oracle’. Of course the use of this name seems to be a targeted and personal assault on ‘Batgirl’ herself and she seems to be intent to go to any lengths to go toe to toe with this imposter. However, whether or not she will be willing to go as far as ‘Huntress’ remains to be seen.
Thus far I am pleased to report that the Benson sisters have done an excellent job in bringing this tantalising trio hurtling back into the ‘Rebirth’ Universe. Personally I was a little affronted by the blantant lack of ‘Huntress’ in the New 52 Universe, but the Bensons have more than made up for it with their portrayal of this imposing and iconic woman. In turn they have also begun a tale that brings intrigue and action in spades as we, along with the gang, seek justice for this ‘Oracle’ and hope they rue the day that they ever thought it clever to use such a raw and personal codename.
In all, this title has paid an excellent homage to the original ‘Birds of Prey’. The original trio is back and their difference in personalities and ideals is just as clear. Will they get along or is this team up as doomed as the New 52  alliances? Well, I suppose we will just have to keep reading to find out.
Score; 7.5/

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