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Wonder Woman #2 Comic Book Review

OK, firstly, for those that are a little confused as to why this second issue of ‘Wonder Woman’ seems to have no correlation to the previous issue, just be advised that this story runs parallel to ‘The Lies’ and writer Greg Rucka has not forgotten to take his medication…


Confusion now (hopefully) aside, this story aims to retell how ‘Wonder Woman’ went from Amazonian princess to one of earth’s greatest heroes. For those that know their ‘Wonder Woman’ history, you know that you can’t have ‘Diana’ leaving ‘Paradise Island’ without an impromptu meeting from the prolific ‘Steve Trevor’.

Although this is a story that has been told numerous times, since their first meeting in the 1940s, this retelling seems to add more depth to their tale and really brings across how fated these two are, as well as how much they need each other. Whilst ‘Diana’ looks for adventure, ‘Steve’ is portrayed as being adventure personified. However, whilst ‘Steve’ is floating through life with no real grounding, ‘Diana’ is clearly someone who could be that anchor.

Rucka is clever in his storytelling and has moments in this tale, such as the arrival of the snake, that will undoubtedly have significance in his parallel tale, ‘The Lies’. Rucka offers great juxtaposition in the characters as we see similarities between the two, such as their prowess with a weapon as well as their loyalty to others. Artist Nicola Scott has been clever in her illustrations as her youthful and almost innocent depictions of the two main characters is a direct parallel to the hardened lines and stances portrayed in Sharp’s illustrations in #1.

So yes, although this may be a tale as old as the heroes themselves, ‘Year One’ has already proven itself to be a breath of fresh air. Also, having two tales in one series is refreshing and will help give a full depiction of this character to any new, budding fan.

Score: 8.5/10

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