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The Flash #2- Comic Book Review

When we last left ‘The Flash’ we were witness to what seemed to be the conception of a new ‘speedster’ in ‘Central City’. Barry had been lamenting the loss of his previous protégée, to another super group and, as luck would have it, the speed force decided to grant him a new one.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.


This issue, sees ‘Detective August Heart’ coming to terms with his new powers as well as a good look at the villains of this tale, ‘The Black Hole’.

Now, as the famous mantra goes, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Barry is once again faced with role of teacher and is tasked with the responsibility of guiding this new pupil in the use of his gifts, as well as ensuring that he uses them for good.

As Barry begins his lesson life, as always, goes on in ‘Central City’ and we get a look into the goings-on of a couple of ‘The Flash’ staples; ‘Wally West’ and ‘Iris West’. Soon enough, of course, fate dictates that all paths lead into one, and the story manages to bring each player seamlessly together as they all tie into the major plotline.

Thus far, Williamson has really managed to bring both the familiar characters within ‘The Flash’ ethos to life, as well as those that are a bit less well known. We are presented with a story of intrigue and new beginnings and Di Diandomenico’s vibrant illustrations really help to bring this bold new tale to life.

Finally, without giving too much away the ending is pretty epic, and it soon becomes clear that Barry may be thinking that he should have been careful what he wished for…

So yes, in all ‘The Flash’ continues to deliver a story that will have any reader speeding their way to the next available copy.

Score: 8.5/10

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