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Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 Comic book Review

Well guys, with the movie now upon us, this is as good a time as any for the first, ‘Suicide Squad’ issue, within the ‘Rebirth’ series, to hit the shelves (I see what you did there DC). Thus far, I am glad to report that this one doesn’t disappoint!

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.


Those that are familiar with the ‘Suicide Squad’ (or at least have looked up the movie blurb) will know that the ‘Suicide Squad’ is a band of DC’s worst reprobates, criminals and all-out psychopaths. In all, they are no ‘Justice League’…

Tasked with sorting out problems, that the good guys are too clean to tackle, these unlikely heroes step up to the plate to do all they can to protect the world! Though this is more down to an explosive on their person, rather than a change of heart…

So yes, at the helm of this ‘Task Force X’is the formidable ‘Amanda Waller’. ‘Amanda’ is a government official and has been about has been part of the DC Universe since the 80s. Those that know this character will probably best associate her with DC’s animated show ‘Justice League Unlimited’ and would therefore have been slightly taken aback by the slim line, model-worthy incarnation that appeared in the ‘New 52’ publications.

In this series however, ‘Amanda Waller’ is back to her ‘larger’ than life self and in this issue, sets out to lend her squad a little bit of moral guidance, in the form of ‘Colonel Rick Flag’. Those that know this character will know that he is part of three generations of Ricks (not the most inventive family) and that he has been affiliated with leading the ‘Suicide Squad’ in his previous incarnations. Of course, given this is ‘Rebirth’, the slate has been wiped clean and this ‘Rick’ will be leading his squad through battles for the first time which, of course, is no easy task.

Thus far, in his debut appearance, ‘Rick’ and his team have already made a hell of impression. Rob Williams has given us a hell of a first issue and has brought new levels of energy to these loveable villains. Their actions are unapologetic, there is violence in nearly every panel and these huge personalities are bursting through the pages like there’s no tomorrow! Hand in hand with William’s fast paced narrative are Jonathan Glapion’s and Philip Tan’s explosive images. This pair has more than filled the brief and brings vibrancy and mayhem in every panel, and more than your fair share of blood and glory.

In all, for anyone that suffers from withdrawal after their trip to see these guys on the silver screen, this is the comic for you. So say goodbye to your puddin’ and make your way to a comic dispensary near you!

Score: 8.5/10

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