Captain American: Civil War (2016) Trailer Review

The much anticipated first official trailer for Captain America: Civil War was finally released worldwide earlier this week and holy shit! It did not disappoint. There was so much to take in and see but below are a few of my favorite things.

Bucky’s memory has returned


At the end credits of Captain America: Winter Soldier we got to see Bucky as a few of his memories come back to him. It’s official he remembers almost everything but now the question is, who is to blame for all of the atrocities that he committed? Is it him or the men in control? This question is similar to the ones that Jessica Jones is throwing out as the viewer knows he is innocent but what about the world he lives in?

Thunderbolt Ross is back


It’s nice to see the always great William Hurt back in the series as General Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross, does this mean that Liv Tyler will make a come back to the franchise? What happened to the Hulk Buster unit and who got Abomination Shield or Hydra, but this will be his third appearance in the Marvel cinematic universe and it’s a welcomed return for this character, who knows maybe Red Hulk may even make an appearance.

Sokovia Accords


We can see that the Sokovia incident seems to be what drives the plot in this film. It’s nice to see the backlash of these incidents being shown. Marvel are getting better dealing with the consequences of their heroes, whether it be Shield on the run or Jessica Jones being shot by some angry victims of the New York fiasco and now the government is cracking down on rogue meta humans.

Scarlet Witch is seen with Captain America


In my earlier article I questioned which side Scarlet Witch was going to side with and it appears for now she will be siding with these hunks, I mean Avengers. Though maybe due to her nature she will be switching sides or going solo later on. With the Sokovia protocol in place this may lead her to be in favor of more oversight, after all it was lack of oversight that caused all the problems in her country. I guess only time will tell.

Black Panther


Black Panther is looking like one cool Mother F**ker . He appears to be a total bad ass as well in this film as you can see him taking on several major players and he won’t be disappointing anyone in this film.



Captain America seems to be over powering a helicopter???

This is going to be a story about friendship


Captain America is really torn between two guys in this one, his old friend or his new friend. It’s tough call but who gave Tony the Black eye? I’m assuming it was Captain America himself.

Oh… Shit!


It appears that Warmachine is going to be taking a beating in this film, totally not cool.

Martin Freeman


It’s nothing super special but check out the guy in the grey suit, it appears that Bilbo Baggins has snuck into this scene, damn hobbits…

Falcon Punch…. I mean Falcon Kick!!!


It’s nice to see the Falcon kicking some ass because this scene was just awesome.

The Line everyone’s talking about!


“Do You Really Want To Punch Your Way Out Of This?”

A house divided


As you can see we now have what I have dubbed the Mighty and Secret Avengers both ready for a show down of epic proportions, DC may have Bad vs Bad in Suicide Squad but Marvel have brought us Good vs Good, so there is a nice contrast there. I am still thinking that someone’s going to die in this film but I’m unsure about who at this rate. Anyway 2016 hurry up and get here!

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