Civil War which side will you choose?


Oh it’s on! The line is drawn, sides have been picked and the civil war is approaching fast with two titans of the Marvel universe going to go head to head in an all-out brawl of good vs good. Marvel is taking the opposite route of DC comics, with their Suicide Squad film being the bad vs bad we will now have the Secret Avengers vs the Mighty Avengers. Names have not been confirmed though I will use the names to do an analysis of their skills and weapons and have a breakdown on which team will be more effective in this epic battle.

The Mighty Avengers


The Heavy Hitters

This is a team of well trained, well funded, deadly individuals and they are the ones that defy the laws of nature and surpass mere mortals. The characters in this faction are most likely driven by order and consequence, unlike their rivals, who are most likely driven by freedom and their fear of loosing it.

Iron Man

We have it here the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist in his shiny new suit of armour. With the way the films are going this really makes sense. Tony Stark is a man who is looking for accountability: the first Iron Man film was about him repairing the damage his company caused, Iron Man two was about sharing the burden, Iron Man three was all about the sins of the past, leading to Age of Ultron where Tony is trying to find someway to contain all the madness in the world. This of course led to chaos in a way he never saw coming. I guess in the Civil War film Iron Man will be looking for another way to control the world through a Superhuman Registration Act. It’s a good idea but also a bad one and that’s the beauty here as both sides are right and wrong.

Tony has of course three weapons that make him a true force of nature. He has his brains, armour and a vast fortune that few could match. His Armour gives him increased strength, flight, repulsor beams and an assortment of other weapons. Combine this with a vast nearly unmatched intellect and unlimited funds and you have a powerhouse that can take down the Hulk, outsmart superior opponents and a drive that will leave him shooting first and asking questions later.


War Machine

Jim Rhodes, best friend to Iron Man, is a former Iron Patriot and the War Machine. His armour has all the advantages of Iron Man’s plus a lot more ordnance, missile launchers, machine guns and God knows what else. He is a mobile turret that has more weapons than the rest of the Avengers combined. The weapons would be redundant without the expert control of the military trained pilot, Mr Rhodes is a military man skilled in hand to hand combat and strategy and in peak physical condition.


Black Widow

Physically the weakest of this team, yet probably the most dangerous the Black Widow is the only person on this list who would pull the trigger and never think why? She can be a stone cold killer when needed, she is master of several types of hand to hand combat, an expert in espionage, expert manipulator, trained assassin, great stealth skills and she carries a huge variety of gadgets and gear that make her unpredictable. However in a battle of demi-gods you have to wonder where will she stand.


The Vision

The most powerful character on this list is The Vision. The Vision is the true wild card. His limits and powers have yet to be fully defined but what we know so far is he has superhuman stamina, reflexes, speed, agility, strength, flight, density shifting and probably several powers gained from his infinity gem. In theory he could take out the other team with a single hand, but the problem is he is young and has a child like innocence which could hold him back.


Black Panther

We don’t know much about the Black Panther, in the Marvel cinematic universe,but the original has a skill set that makes Liam Neeson jealous. He is a skilled hunter, tracker, strategist, politician, inventor and scientist. He is also a trained acrobat, gymnast,martial artist with superhuman senses, Olympic-level strength, speed, agility, stamina and reflexes. His genius-level intellect’ wields a vibranium uniform, boots and equipment. He is also one of the richest men in the world, so he will be an excellent member of this powerhouse.

Power and more Power

With two guys in suits there is enough guns on this team to lay waste to a small army. Past the armor there is also The Vision and we are not exactly sure what his powers are but we know he is pretty damn powerful. Black Panther and Black Widow are still powerful in their own right. This team will work well together though Vision’s innocence but Black Widow’s willingness to question Iron Man could be a problem. Still this team is the obvious choice for a winner due to the shear fire power they bring to the table. I am still unsure where I stand on this, so lets look at the Secret Avengers.

The Secret Avengers


The ex-Authoritarians

And in the blue corner we have the patriotic freedom lovers. It’s unconfirmed but we presume that this force, like the comics, are against the Superhuman Registration Act and want heroes to remain anonymous. They are also worried about consequences, the consequence of having your identity known. This was quite serious in the comics where a lot of heroes have secret identities but in the films it’s not a huge deal, of course if you’re Hawkeye this could be an issue.

Captain America

This is the man that represents freedom and ideals that are not of our time, he is someone who has stood against corruption and government spying before. It’s only natural that he would choose this stance. He is in peak physical condition, just beyond that of a human and his brain can process information faster. He is a master martial artist, tactician, fearless and dedicated to his mission. He is also the guy holding this team together and everyone but Ant-Man has a reason to be loyal to Captain America, which will give them an edge on their opponents. If you want an outline on how powerful Cap is check out this Death Battle.



Falcon is Captain America’s second in command and there will definitely be an interesting dynamic between Falcon and the Winter soldier, can Cap have two best bro’s? Falcon is a loyal and skilled soldier who sees his job as an honour and with his flight and training he is definitely a worth while addition to this team. He lacks a secret identity, so he is joining out of loyalty and principle more than anything.


The Winter Soldier

If you want your heroes brooding and violent this is the guy for you. With a deadly skill set including but not limited to; a master in hand to hand combat, martial artist, a gifted advance scout, expert in use of military weapons and throwing knives. He is also an expert assassin and spy and he also has a cybernetic left arm that in the comics allows superhuman strength, enhanced reaction time, energy projection, EMP discharger and a holographic projector. He spent years as a remorseless killer, this is going to make him deadly and an almost unstoppable killing machine. He could be one of the factors that will let the secret team defeat the mighty team.


Agent 13

This ones a bit of a wild card, usually depicted as a relative of Peggy Carter, she is somewhat on power with Black Widow, though operates more openly. Her skill set is a little vague; she is a skilled athlete, martial artist, highly trained in espionage, weaponry and computers. Given that this team is the covert team, these skills will be necessary for the work that they will be doing.



I’m assuming Hawkeye is on this team because he does not want his family being marked as targets, that’s if he has to register to continue being a hero. This master archer is one of the few people that we know is willing to kill and he can be surprisingly deadly with his weapon of choice.



The burglar of the group this tenacious thief’s motives for wanting to be on this team include;

  1. His Daughter, if his identity got out her life could be in danger.
  2. He is kind of a fan boy.

His suit gives him a lot of abilities and makes him surprisingly powerful though only in an indirect way.

Team Thoughts-Speed and Maneuverability

The Secret Avenger’s greatest strength is that they will work together as a team. You have three ex-military-Falcon and Winter Soldier both have worked with Captain America before. Hawkeye is also a team player, as is Agent 13, both are ex-Shield and both have worked with Captain America before. Finally we have Ant-Man who has his motivation to be here plus as an ex-burglar he is another team player. Where Stark’s team is full of power houses Cap’s team is complete with team players who are very loyal to Captain America, this may be their greatest strength and through their coordination and indirect power in the form of Ant-Man they may just come out on top. Not only that but they have two expert strategists on their side, in Captain America and the Winter Soldier, the latter of which put the fear of God into Black Widow, a women that once tried to fight Loki and is used to calm the Hulk.

So who is going to be the winner? Well probably us the viewers, the audience.

There are a few unanswered questions:

How does the Ant-Man post credit scene fit into this scenario?

Where is Scarlet Witch? Whose side will she be on?


Will any other new Avengers pop up?

Would they actually kill Captain America off and replace him with Bucky or Falcon?


Will there be any more Thanos or Infinity Gem Hi-jinx in this film?

Will Thor be joining the fray?


How does the new Spiderman fit into all this?

And will we see the Iron Spider Armour?


I know I missed plenty of possible questions so don’t blame me but there is only so much I can type!


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  1. Have these line-ups been confirmed because I would have thought Black Widow was on Cap’s side. That’s where I see Scarlet Witch too. The rest seem right. I’m team Cap though.


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