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Butterfly (2015) Comic Book Series Review

Butterfly is another unique and engrossing experience from BOOM! Studios. The series follows Project Delta’s top agent, Butterfly. She has no birth certificate, no papers and no friends. She is a ghost agent and she doesn’t exist. After she is framed for a crime she didn’t commit, she is now on the run and forced to trust someone she thought had died decades earlier. Her only hope of survival is trusting this stranger leaving one slight problem, her whole life she has been trained to trust no one.


An unusual series that moves between unusual tones but at its heart it’s about the child parent relationship and how gaps in time can affect it. It seems that screenwriter Arash Amel and Marguerite Bennett have really gone for a unique look with this comic book series. You don’t see too many comic books like this, it’s pretty much a one of a kind. Enhancing this unusual perspective is some beautiful and wonderful art work all thanks to Antonio Fuso (The Girl Who Played with Fire) and Stefano Simeone.


The creators themselves compare the books main characters to ones in True Detective and House of Cards. These characters are deeply flawed and morally complex characters, not my words but theirs, though they are perfectly apt. The creative team have given something completely unique and wonderful with this series and it’s definitely worth a read and then several more rereads.

Currently Issues 1-4 is available through BOOM! Studios here.


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