Hand of God (2015) Amazon Original Series Review


I reviewed the pilot for this shortly after the series began but I had a few days off to myself recently and decided to binge watch through the rest of its first series. Hand of God follows Parnell Harris (Ron Perlman), a corrupt judge who suffers a breakdown and believes God is compelling him onto a path of vigilante justice. Many people gave this series negative reviews. I feel that the religious nature of the show probably put some people off and it is a very negative show with dark tones, so its not for a light watch, but in my opinion it’s a great watch. Amazon have created another hit with this show and I really hope it goes on for at least one more season the cast where just too good. Ron Pearlman was heart-breakingly great in the series by playing someone whose regrets define him which is something anyone can relate too. Dana Delany portrays his suffering wife who is a true source of strength and frustration. She became the scene stealer for some of her antics that would put Lady Macbeth to shame.


It was also a real treat to see Garret Dillahunt in this, this guy can play anything including: a lawyer, a lazy father and an unstoppable killing machine. In this he portrays a ball of rage and pain willing to do anything to become repentant. Meanwhile on the other side of the rage and pain coin was Alona Tal. She is someone who has not been around for years but just has not made her mark yet, she was brilliant in this, and you couldn’t help but root for her even though she was technically the antagonist and totally justified in what she wanted.


Now I am a huge fan of the series The Wire and part of that, a big part of it, was down to Andre Royo. Seeing him back on television and this time in a position of power was just brilliant. He is so complex in this series as he is torn between his dreams and his dedication to his best friend, again he was someone we could all understand. With friends and dreams sometimes they go together and sometimes they don’t. My absolute favorite characters on the series are possible some of the most complex in Hand of God- Reverend Paul Curtis and Alicia Hopkins. They can both come off as devout Christians but they are 2 people who know the power of carnal temptations. They are undoubtedly talented at what they do and have faith in what they do, Alicia knows what she wants but Paul may be holding himself up with his faith. Out of everyone in the series it’s these two that I’m curious about the most and what they will do in the future, plus musically the two are a fantastic mix.


In the end it was a great show and I can see how it would divide people but it was something different and it challenged our morals. It showed how the world is not always black and white, it’s not an easy watch but it’s a good watch and it offers us something to reflect upon.


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