Mad Max Fury Road (2015) Film Review


All I can say is “Oh what a day, what a lovely day!” Mad Max Fury Road was a film that left me speechless and I have not seen a film like this in a long time. The team behind this film created a minimalist yet over the top, avant garde, action packed and an explosive masterpiece. I’m pretty sure I could have squeezed more adjectives in there but I don’t want to waste your time, with my fan boying out moments.

This story was both apocalyptic in setting and in scale. Max working as a man against nature, whether it is his nature, human nature or the forces of nature itself, he is constantly fighting, pushed into what looks like a form of PTSD known as condition yellow. He is angry and on edge, he is going insane, driven there by his anger and fury, what’s worse is the whole world’s gone that way and the film’s taking you there with them.

This was quite the cast:

maxresdefault (18)

Tom Hardy as “Mad” Max Rockatansky. Mel Gibson for all his faults is an amazing actor and he made Max his own but Hardy has come in and took the character, made it suit him while staying true to the original, no easy feat, especially since 1 – Gibson had time with it and 2 – Hardy had a lot of pressure on him with this one.


Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa. Miss Theron once again has proven that she is one of the greatest actresses of our time, she is one of the most badass film characters around. I wouldn’t cross her, she plays fearless and terrified all at once, demonstrating that true courage can only be found when facing terror itself.


Nicholas Hoult as Nux, this former child actor has really grown, he is like Christian Bale in that he is able to take on a part and let it almost overwhelm him. He manages to take a one dimensional guy and make him at one point disturbing and later loveable.

maxresdefault (19)

Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortal Joe, an apocalyptic picture like this would need a larger than life villian. Hugh Keays is terrifying, even though we never truly see his face, not an easy feat to pull off, he acts with his whole body and he holds your attention perfectly.

Now for Joe’s beautiful brides:



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as The Splendid Angharad

Riley Keough as Capable

Riley Keough as Capable


Zoë Kravitz as Toast the Knowing

Abbey Lee as The Dag

Abbey Lee as The Dag

Courtney Eaton as Cheedo the Fragile

Courtney Eaton as Cheedo the Fragile

They could have been such dull characters, they really could, but each had their own strengths to them that made them just as compelling as anyone else to watch, showing that courage can take many forms. All five were brilliant in their own way.

The music was the big draw for me, I was surprised to find that the music was created by Junkie XL but I was far from disappointed, the music blew me away. Like any great film score it captured the essence of the picture perfectly, it was an organised chaos and symphony or rage and it had its own beauty that helped drive the fear and desperation of each scene.

iOTA as Coma-Doof Warrior

iOTA as Coma-Doof Warrior

Besides the music the effects and stunts were the other big draw. The explosions, the cars, the sets and the supporting cast were so well put together. The film is one big action scene; it’s a thrill ride that never disappoints. I find this surprising because the amount of times I see an action film and I just get bored because it all becomes so so and blends into one big scene, here it manages to avoid that, it keeps the suspense and danger going the whole time, it keeps you wanting more. It’s truly a visual treat and will make you want more and more.

This is a film that lacks a lot of dialogue, but draws you in. George Miller knows something that people have forgotten, a film is something for the eyes, it’s for you to watch, to absorb to soak up and devour. Miller has given us a beautiful masterpiece of an action film. We won’t see something like this for a long time and hopefully lesser directors won’t try and copy because few could pull this off. A mixture of fantastic cinematography, actors conveying emotion through actions rather than words and a score that will make your ears bleed in pleasure, this film truly is one of a kind, it will terrify and excite you all at once.

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