CW TV Promo Reviews (2015-2016)

Last but definitely not least to present at Upfronts was the CW who decided to go for quality over quantity sharing only 3 promos. However each promo was utterly fantastic in its own way and got us itching to see the pilots. In fact the CW’s line-up was so impressive we’d go as far as saying that it had the best promos of the week.


What’s it about: A vast quarantine is imposed when a new deadly epidemic breaks out. While those outside desperately search for a cure, the people left on the inside fight for their lives.

maxresdefault (15)

What we think: While the premise is very interesting, the thing that really impressed me was the heavy focus on the characters. A character driven show is always a winner in my eyes and Containment seems to be following that format giving us a good look at the people involved in the outbreak.


If that’s not enough to sell you, you should know that Claudia Black (of Farscape) is in it and she is fantastic in everything she does. The promo itself was exciting and entertaining. Our one complaint? We have to wait till midseason to watch.

Excitement factor: 4.5/5


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

What’s it about: A successful young woman gives up her job in Manhattan and moves to West Covina, California to follow the man she’s in love with…..despite the fact that they’re not together.


What we think: So it looked to be your standard comedy. Then the lead character broke out into song and it turned into something completely different. Definitely not what I was expecting. But somehow it worked and by the end of the promo I was hooked. Comedian Rachel Bloom takes the lead and she looks absolutely fantastic in the role. The best thing about her character is that despite being totally insane she’s also very loveable. She’s the type of character you shake your head at but end up rooting for all the same. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is unique in the best possible way and it certainly stands out from the crowd. Here’s hoping the pilot can match the great promo.

Excitement factor: 4.5/5


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

What’s it about: A group of heroes and villains team up with time traveller Rip Hunter to defeat an immortal threat and save the planet.


What we think: I’ll start off by saying this is probably my favourite promo of Upfronts week. My inner geek came out and I fangirled like crazy. Of course I was expecting nothing less. A team of heroes fighting evil each week sounds like perfect television to me. Yet somehow the promo managed to exceed my expectations and increase my excitement. It was, as to be expected, action packed but there was also a lot of humour in there. Plus all the characters (and actors) are just so cool. Finally, anything with Victor Garber in is obviously worth watching. I am officially counting down the days till the pilot premiere.

Excitement factor: 5/5

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