Daredevil (2015) Netflix Series – A Review of Episode 13 (The Finale) *May, or may not, contain Spoilers*


Well, I’m back again, and raring to present you with my thoughts on the final episode of this series of Daredevil. Thus far, for these reviews, I adopted the format of reviewing a few episodes at a time. However, as I felt that the final episode would be of epic proportions (and not as a result of my divisional skills) I decided to give the finale a review of its own.

So, first of all I have a confession to make… I caved. The record of that prolific director was matched, barely before I had time to open my sweet and salted popcorn. Although I was shaken by the events of the previous episode (no spoilers here) I thought I had ridden the emotional wave and had come out on top. That was until approximately two seconds into the final episode… The tears flowed for a good five-ten minutes if only as a testament to the loss of one of my favourite characters (slight spoiler there) and the acting ability of a few others.


Tear ducts well and truly dried, like many the character in the series I steeled myself and longed for justice. The events act as a catalyst for unity and bygones become bygones as Murdock and Froggy unite to bring Fisk to justice, by means they both understand (Lawyers Assemble!).

Whilst some relationships are on the mend, others become frayed beyond repair. Fisk becomes more and more isolated and, like a cornered dog, he lashes out at those (seemingly) closest to him. Of course we know that Fisk doesn’t do anything without flair and (as there was no car door on hand) he opts for a, very literal, means of putting one of his former allies 6 feet (or should I say floors) under (the return of the pun!).

Throughout the episode the tension is palpable and a final showdown between the two focal characters seems inevitable. There is clear indication that these two will no longer abide the others presence and it is evident that all roads lead to one final showdown (ding ding!).

Once again Daredevil is faced with the temptation of truly ridding his city from the evil of Fisk. So, with both men viewing each other as the blight of their ideal city, it is needless to say that neither character feels obliged to hold their punches.


So yes, as finales go this one has the appropriate sense of drama and pacing to it. Loose ends are tied up whilst others are left with a sense of promise for the future. Although I wouldn’t put it as my favourite episode of the series (‘Stick’ holds that right) it is one of the better of the series. For my opinion of the series as a whole, however, you’ll just have to tune-in (or type in?!) next time readers.

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