Daredevil (2015) Netflix Series – A Review of Episodes Ten – Twelve *May, or may not, contain Spoilers*


Once again, I’m fresh from watching the next few episodes of Daredevil and, in what is becoming a highly predictable trend, I feel the need to give you my standpoint on them. If you have read my previous articles on the subject, thus far, it’s pretty clear to see that I’m somewhat of a fan of this new adaptation. Gone is the cringe-worthy, leather clad monstrosity (once again, sorry Ben) and in its place is an almost ‘hyper-real’ alternative. His powers and abilities are now portrayed in a way that convey a sense of realism to the character and, to date, the performance from Charlie Cox lends a whole new level of likeability to Stan Lee’s creation.

So, without giving too much away, at the end of episode nine there is a big reveal moment (cue theatrical gasp) and the consequences of this are what proves to be one of the more emotional episodes. Relationships (along with my tear ducts) were tested, whilst others are nearly lost altogether. Following these tests the characters lives seem to weave all the closer together and a horrible sense of foreboding mounts up as some stray too close to their ferocious foe.

Thus far, the pacing and story telling of this series has been extremely on point. I have been left in fear for every character, at least once, and have formed (possibly too much of) an emotional attachment to the majority of the cast. On that point, I will also say that, within these three episodes, are some of the more shocking moments of the series, so much so that I would argue them to be on power with a certain bald man and his animosity with open car doors..


At this point, I would like to remind you that, in one of my previous reviews, a famous director admitted to bursting into tears, twice, in the space of this series. Thus far, I can report to only doing so once.. So, I can only assume that, what is coming in the final episode, will well and truly burst my duct-damns, or the moment has already happened and I am in fact a little dead inside…

So, I am now twelve episodes down and have only one to go. I can only hope that, in age old finale fashion, this episode trumps the others (despite what it already has to live up to). I will admit that I have possibly one of the world’s shortest attention spans (SQUIRREL) and thus it is a rare thing for me to see a series right to the end (let alone my reviews of the matter). So, with that in mind I hope you stay tuned for my final review and see if my high regard for this series plays all the way out. Until then I.. I’m out of puns…


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