The Jones Family Will Make a Way (2015) Documentary Film Review

This film is only going to be for two types of people; the hyper religious or those who are willing to leave their baggage at the door and sit down and watch something that may challenge their views. If you’re still reading at this point then good, because this film may be about gospel and pentecostal gospel music but this film has deep ties to South By South West. South By South West aka SWSX is one of the most liberal and amazing events I have ever been to and just as the event is inclusive this bands music is inclusive. This documentary film follows the unlikely friendship between Bishop Fred Jones and an ageing cynical atheist rock critic who has become a fan of the Jones Family, trust me once you hear the music you will be a firm convert. The film is universal in some ways speaking about determination and finding your own path even at points singing about it, so once you’re past any religious headaches you will love it.


To anyone who is not familiar with this brand of religion they were some of the first Christians to mix contemporary music into their prayers.Church became a performance and it was a way of loosing yourself and finding God. This may sound ridiculous but it’s not, it’s ancient and primal, it’s pure, before we can become something great we must cease being what we are and through music these faithful have found their gate way to that greatness.


I’m a huge fan of music documentaries; I also love stories about people, the human side of anything always draws me further into it, plus I’m a spiritual man, so this film really spoke to me. The fact that the film was about an atheist and his relationship with the Jones Family only made it more fascinating. This was one of the biggest surprises to jump out at me from the SXSW 2015 Film Festival and if you have a chance to watch it you won’t be dissapointed, because in the end it shows us that no matter what religion, race or colour you are we can all bond over music.

For more information and to keep up with release dates near you visit their Facebook here.

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