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Recently, mystery boxes have become quite popular thanks to social media and of course popular culture. Even Loot crate made an appearance, this year, at the hugely popular and successful Comic Con in San Diego. So what exactly is a mystery box and why has it become such a success? A mystery box can contain anything and its contents can even be based on a theme such as Marvel superheroes. I think J.J.Abrams summed it up best with one line “Maybe there are times when mystery is more important than knowledge.”

I remember years ago when I was searching for gifts to buy on Ebay I came across a Buffy the Vampire Slayer mystery box. I thought it was fascinating that people were bidding on a box, without knowing what exactly they would be getting. All they knew was that whatever was in it would be memorabilia related to the hit TV series by Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The bids kept increasing and I wondered would the mystery contents be worth what they were willing to pay? It was something that only fans with money could afford to do. I kept thinking what about those who didn’t have the money or their pocket money wasn’t sufficient enough to even cover the cost for a box costing hundreds of dollars?

It wasn’t until my brother bought mystery boxes, that i realized they were making a come back and this time anyone could afford it. You could either buy one mystery box with a one off payment or subscribe with monthly fees and receive a mystery box every month. Nowadays mystery boxes can cater towards a wide variety of people including vegans to even boxes made with content found from storage unit auctions.

What is GeekFuel?


So it was with great pleasure that I received my first ever mystery box to review, thanks to the amazing team at GeekFuel. Like many projects these days, GeekFuel was an idea that was successfully funded through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Their goal was to make their dream a reality and be able to provide a monthly mystery box filled with exclusive games, toys, gear, collectables and all things epic.



I felt like a kid on Christmas day whenever this red box arrived through the mail. I mean who doesn’t love to receive and of course open presents. The anticipation was almost killing me as I wondered what the contents of this mystery box would be, would it contain something I never thought I would want until I saw it? After carefully opening the box the very first thing I was greeted with was a card that detailed what the contents of your box would include. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise so I put this aside to examine later.


Right underneath the information card is a geek guide to GeekFuel. In fact even without a subscription you can still receive an ebook version of the geek guide by subscribing to their mailing list by visiting their official website at



Next is where the fun and mystery begins as everything else contained in the box is neatly wrapped up. I wonder what geeky related merchandise I will find hidden underneath?


The first thing my eye is drawn to is the little red bad in the bottom right hand corner of the box, I wonder what this draw string bag contains?


As soon as I found this special Princess Bride themed deck of playing cards inside, I couldn’t help but laugh and feel like I hit the jackpot. I mean who doesn’t know the infamous line uttered by actor Mandy Patinkin in the film Princess Bride? I look forward to many fun filled night playing card games with these limited edition cards.


If you don’t remember then maybe this clip will help jog your memory.

Now before I get distracted playing card games, let’s see what else what included in the mystery box. Halo is back with a bang thanks to a new game, digital short film and a TV series. The digital short film wasn’t really well received which puts more pressure on the game and TV series to be a success but one thing that will be successful is memorabilia. Fans who can’t get enough of the games themselves will splurge out on official memorabilia, I mean who wouldn’t want to own their own original spartan outfit? I personally don’t play the games but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy what it inspires including the Red VS Blue videos by RoosterTeeth. After his review on the new Sprukits, I think Timothy will enjoy putting this together.



With the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens released not too long along, it shouldn’t be too surprising that this mystery box was bound to contain something related to Star Wars. I’m pretty sure before we even embark on our next journey to our next convention that this Yoda Pez dispenser will no longer contain any Pez, I of course will have eaten them all well before then.


Other items in the mystery box included issue one of a comic book called Armor Hunters, a poster and a GeekFuel mascot sticker.



Lastly at the bottom of the box, the last item to be found in the mystery box is an officially licensed t-shirt for GeekFuel. In fact many if not all of the mystery boxes by GeekFuel will contain a T-shirt so don’t forgot to fill in your t-shirt size when you subscribe.



So just who is the team behind the mystery boxes at GeekFuel?

Geek Fuel has assembled an extraordinary team of creative individuals that wholeheartedly embrace geek culture; whether it’s uncovering the latest game hacks, camping in line for the latest sci-fi movie premiere or travelling the country to attend a Con, our team of aficionados is always searching the galaxy for the freshest gadgets and gear to include in each and every mystery box.


How does GeekFuel work?


How do i join or purchase my own mystery box from GeekFuel?

You can join by subscribing to a one month, 3 months, 6 months or a yearly subscription with GeekFuel by visiting their official website at



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