Can I send emails on Sunday- Book Review

I remember when I was 15 in maths class we where told there is no such thing as a stupid question, well this book proves that old tale wrong. From start to finish I was laughing, in fact I managed to spit tea all over my computer monitor while reading this.

The book is a collection of real conversations from an IT call centre by Tristan Peterson (don’t worry all the names have been removed). The book is a very simple concept and I guess that’s what makes it so brilliant, there really isn’t  too much I can tell you about it, because you will go to it and every time you will laugh at it.Print

To give you an example of how brilliant this book is here is one of my favorite parts from the book.

unnamed (5)

Customer: Every time I go on your home page, I get a popup.
Technical support: We don’t have any popups on our website sir. I
could do a remote access and you can show me.
Customer: See? It’s right there. I can’t click on it to close it. It’s been
there all day.
Technical support: I’m watching your mouse sir. I can’t see any popups
at all. Does the mouse pointer disappear when you hover over the
Customer: Yes, it’s like the arrow goes under it.
Technical support: Is the popup yellow?
Customer: Yes.
Technical support: That would be a post it note sir

Also on another great note 10% of the sales of this book are to be donated to ‘Special Effect’, a charity that focuses on allowing those who are differently abled to enjoy computer games.

At the moment it’s in e-book format. Aiming for a spring release in paperback

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

You can check out our interview with Tristan here

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