An interview with Tristan Peterson on his book Can I send emails on a Sunday?

I recently got a chance to interview Tristan Peterson about his book, Can I send emails on a Sunday? This book had me laughing from start to finish, if you like what you see here we will have a review up this week as well.


For some of our readers would you care to sum up what your book is about?
Simply it’s a collection of conversations between an ISP technical support desk and customers.
These calls are the ones I thought most people would be shocked, stunned and amazed at. The ones that leave you rolling with laughter at the same time as shaking your head in disbelief at their absurdity.  Each story has an illustration of an image I had in my head for each call.

unnamed (5)

How did you manage to gather up so many great customer complaints?

I was that ISP technical support adviser who took the calls. These are people I have spoken to at some point over a period of 12 years providing tech support.
I would often sit at my desk and doodle cartoons of the funny calls. When I would tell friends and family about a call they would find it really funny and many said I should write a book. I finally decided to write one after a particularly bizarre call one day.

unnamed (6)

What would be your favourite entry in your book?
It has to be the guy that wanted to cancel because the internet was rubbish. It’s amazing how many people just keep the ISP’s homepage and never leave it.
Whenever the homepage went down, we would get inundated with calls about the whole of the internet being down. Imagine how many people have never wasted hours sat watching funny videos on youtube.

unnamed (7)
What inspired you to compile this list?
A customer called because he couldn’t get online. I couldn’t see his router plugged into the phone line. I needed him to reboot his router, but he was being a bit of an awkward customer. Nothing i could do until he rebooted it. He went on to explain that he couldn’t go in there because his wife was terminally ill and he didn’t want to bother her. I apologized, but again nothing i could do until he rebooted. After a load of huffing and puffing, he goes into the room. I could hear someone gasping for air. And then him running around in a panic. Clunking of metal bottles. About 5 minutes later he came back to phone and explained that his wife had ran out of air and would have died had he not gone in. The guy clearly had his priorities in the right order. After speaking with him, I knew i needed to create something from these calls.

Where can our readers obtain a copy of your book?

At the moment it’s in e-book format. Aiming for a spring release in paperback

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Just to finish off, have you or anyone your friends with had any great blonde moments while at a computer and don’t worry I have had plenty
Being the one person in the family who is the “expert” I practically have a hotline from mine and my wife’s parents houses. My dad’s friend rang a help desk as they couldn’t get a disc to fit in the CD drive. Straight away you think floppy drive? CD wedged into floppy drive? Nope, she was trying to put the CD and CD case into the drive. She kept it in the case to protect it from a virus.

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