Iron Man 3 (2013) Film Review

Due to the plot there is not much I can say about this film. It has great special affects, as usual, and the final battle sequence could be classed as epic (plus perhaps a great marketing strategy).

As usual Robert Downey Jr was amazing in a role that I think only he can play. He has made Iron man his own, almost like a second skin. Though this time we have a slightly more humble Tony Stark, don’t worry its only slightly. It’s still great to see a superhero have some fun with his life. The standard supporting cast for the Iron Man Franchise of Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle really help counter Tony Stark on some of his eccentricities.

I absolutely loved Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin the new take on him is brilliant and really meshes in well with the Iron Man series. I do also have to mention Guy Pearce his role was brilliant, I wont say to much about him but everyone who knows the lore will recognize what he represents from his first scene onward’s.

To finish off, I was happy that even with a different director Jon Favreau still managed to return as Happy Hogan, contributing a little more this time, even going beyond his usual comedy relief role (though Im slightly disturbed by his characters interests). Shane Black does an awesome job directing, I was nervous when I heard the change from Favreau, I love Jon’s take on the series, but a fresh director gave us a fresh look. As a film it developed the characters a little more, gave us some amazing scenes, enough comedy to get you when you really needed it and even managed to reach your inner child, all and all a solid film that I was able to just sit back and enjoy.

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