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The New 52


In 1986 DC Comics took a huge leap into the unknown and decided to reboot their world in ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’. Character origins were tweaked and in some cases restarted from scratch, leaving many the 80s nerd scrambling around for their nearest inhaler. Since then the DC universe has soldiered on. Alliances were formed, romances blossomed and numerous attempts at killing Batman thwarted (seriously, why do they even try?). So, just when we were all sitting comfortable in the knowledge that we could name all the Robins in order, (short pause as I know you’ll all be trying that one) DC announced that they were once again going to tear up, rewrite and re-launch the DC universe (and at this point editor I think an explosion montage may be necessary).DC announced that the re-launch would begin in September 2011 and they dubbed it the ‘New 52’, in reference to the 52 titles that would make up the DC universe.


Now, like a lot of DC fans out there, I was left reeling, clutching my ‘Wonder Woman’ dressing gown like there was no tomorrow. However, given time, I decided to throw caution to the wind and see what this re-launch would entail. Now for those out there who are avid DC fans this is a safe, non-spoiler zone, well at least there shouldn’t be anything you don’t already know.


To make things easier for the fans the 52 titles have been put into one of seven family groups (and if you’re unsure as to what these are Wiki it). Like the previous 1986 re-launch changes have been made to both the universe and characters alike. Probably the most notable changes would be the background and origin changes for Starfire and Tim Drake. However, the change causing the most debate is the recovery and re-launch of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. In the New 52 universe Superheroes are a  new breed and have only emerged in the last 5 years or so (though before you start imagining pint size heroes like in ‘Tiny Titans’ this is not the case). Now, with that prospect, any nerd’s mind can’t help but go into overdrive. Imagine; Superman without Lois Lane, the beginning of the Justice League or even sweet revenge for the long suffering Miss Gordon.

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