“May the Odds Be Ever In your Favor,” (Warning-Spoilers)



One of America’s favorite books and best sellers, The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collin is something to talk about. In the first book it sets up the battle field of the story for the readers. The country is divided in to twelve districts that are all under one ruler known as the capital. Each district is known for its own specialty. Like, metal for weapons or fruit and crops for food that eventually are proved to the capital. However the further the districts are from the capital, the more poverty there was, so not all the districts were treated well or fairly. Thus is where the main character is introduced. Katniss Everdeen, who later becomes known as the girl on fire, is the heroine in these books. Her love for her family and friends, along with her distrust of the capital and quick skills, she begins a rebellion among the whole nation.

When her sister is called to play in the Hunger Games, Katniss jumps forth to take her place along with Peta Mellarc. The Hunger Games is a fight for survival in a terrain that the capital controls. Twenty four people are thrown together and forced to kill each other until one’s left. Katniss and Peta both make it out of the first Hunger Games together using their love story to get to the audience and kept them alive. This leads us to the next book where things begin to get out of control and fast.

In the second book, the spark of hope that Katniss had created for the nation had begun to spread and turn into a small fire that the capital desperately tried to put out before it got out of control. Along with their attempts to crush the nations hopes, they made this times Hunger Games theme out of the winners, thus instantly entering Katniss back into the Games once more. Only this time, there was a twist that no one saw coming. About half way into the Hunger Games, a ship appears, destroyed the barrier and saved those that were still alive. This ship belonged to the long lost district 13 that the capital had destroyed as an example to the other districts to obey. However district 13 survived and now lives underground of the old ruins of the original district. This is where Katniss, Peta are reunited with their families, including Katniss’s friend Gale. They learned that district 12 had been wiped out by the capital for rebelling. So with district 13’s help, Katniss, Peta and Gale began to prepare for the full out war that was to come. Katniss had given hope to the nation’s people unintentionally at first but now she was trying to turn that spark into a full out up roar of fire. With some help from the district 13’s people, Katniss became the face of hope as nation after nation began to rise up and rebel against the capital. The capital desperately tried to crush and extinguish the rebellions but they were slowly losing control. Soon the capital was in trouble as the districts continued to rebel and fight. And this brought us to the finally in the third book.


In the third book, Katniss, Gale and Peta are fighting alongside district 13 to over throw the capital and put a stop to the Hunger Games for good. They succeed in taking hold of the capital and imprison President Snow. However, Katniss lost the most important person in the end. Prim was killed in an explosion along with other children that had been at district 13. Katniss didn’t understand why or how Prim got there for a while but it didn’t take her long to realize she had been used. So when the day came to execute President Snow for his crimes, Katniss was chosen to kill him. Angry, confused and lost from Prims death, Katniss took aim at President Snow with her bow and arrow but at the last second she changed targets and killed the leader of district 13. Coin, the district 13 leader, had proposed to use the children of the capital in the Hunger Games as payment for their crimes. So Katniss new the world wouldn’t change under a new region. But she killed Coin in revenge for Prim’s death since Coin had ordered the hit and arranged for the children to be there to die.


So with Coin gone, the capital fell, Katniss returned to what remained of district 12 after it had been bombed, with Peta. Gale and Katniss’s mom had chosen to go work in other districts. Eventually with time, Katniss healed mentally but she’d always remember the past and would always bear the scars to prove it. But with Peta at her side, now as her husband, they just looked forward to the future with their children.

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Melissa O’Brien

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