Film Review: Wyrmwood Apocalypse

Boy did I not know what I was getting into when I watched this beauty, but this film took me for a wild ride down under, and after seeing it I am craving for more.

Wyrmwood: Apocolypse is the sequel to the Australian cult classic Wyrmwood (also known as Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead). Imagine Mad Max 2, meets Z-Nation, and then crank it up to eleven because this one is rough and ready for a good time. Now if you have not seen the original film, do not worry too much you will still be able to enjoy this one. It is simply that type of movie. 

The very start of this film opens in what may be the post-apocalyptic zombie way possible. We meet our “protagonist” Rhys who has caged his own private horde of zombies and we find him living his best life, where he uses the zombies for all sorts of activities such as medical experimentation, an unusual source of fuel, and boxing. Now I just want to take a sidebar here and point out that only an Australian would be ballsy enough to punch a zombie. And the film continues to go up from there, when Rhys is tasked with helping track down a half-human, half-zombie Indigenous girl, by the girl’s sister. 

This leads our hero to confront the villainous Surgeon General, played by Nicholas Boshier, who is just bloody terrifying. Think Lord Humungus from Mad Max 2 but on crack and in a Zombie Apocolypse. With everything that this film does it pays homage to what came before especially with
George A. Romero and George Miller. It does all this while having fun with it and that energy is felt throughout the entire production which makes this quite beautiful, in a bloody and violent way. I guess what I am trying to say is that this film is clearly a love letter to everything that its creators, Kiah Roache-Turner & Tristan Roache-Turner, love. And that easily elevates it above whatever the standard Hollywood studios are churning out. 

Take all this and add in some pretty intense cinematography that helps add to the fast-paced fuel-driven production and you have something that could only be made in Australia. And if this sales pitch has you simply frothing at the mouth, dying to see this one then my friends rejoice because the film gets its Home Ent Release May 2022 from 101 Films.


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