Film Review: Some Like It Rare

On those rare occasions that I think of cannibals my mind is drawn to Hannibal and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, not a married couple whose marriage and business are both on the rocks. But as the saying goes “adversity makes strange bedfellows”. Which is how we managed to get what must be cinemas’ most relatable serial killers. 

But let’s take a step back to the start and let me fill you in on how we go from average couple to savage killer. Vincent and Sophie Pascal have fallen out of love and their Butchers shop is doing poorly when one day a group of extremist Vegans attack the store, they break the windows and ruin all the product, as well as physically attacking Vincent. In a moment of serendipity Vincent spots and kills one of the attackers, and due to a “misunderstanding,” his wife accidentally sells some of the Vegan to a customer. Surprisingly the Vegan is a huge hit and Vincent has to come up with a lie to the origin of the meat, what follows has to be one of cinema’s most entertaining killing sprees. 

This will not be for everyone, but to me, it was poking fun at both sides of extremists in the Meat vs Vegan divide, so if you are one or the other try and just chill and enjoy the movie. As for the movie itself, a lot of the joy of watching this is from the interactions between Marina Foïs and Fabrice Eboué, who play Sophie and Vincent respectfully. They have amazing chemistry and their back and forth is endlessly joyful to watch. 

Speaking of joys to watch, there was the Butchers shop. If you are a meat lover you will be drooling over the food on hand. And this film does not waste this particular setting and makes full use of it as not only the placing of so many scenes but also as the tool for hiding the crimes of our murderous couple. If you are uncomfortable with killings do not fret, because none of these murders are particularly gratuitous and many are played for laughs. 

Finally, Some Like it Rare does have a lot of little touches that I appreciate, such as Sophie’s obsession with Serial Killers, the film poking fun at racists, the use of the dog, and a fantastically bizarre soundtrack. If you want something a little different to satisfy your hunger for new films, but possibly make you hungry for a good steak, this is the film for you. Like I said this is not going to be a film for everyone, but if you have an open mind and are not too squeamish then you are going to love this one.

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