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Dynamite: Draculina #2

I just love how this one begins with a Quote from Dave Schilling and Jules Suzdaltsev in an article they wrote for Vice.

San Francisco used to be that place you moved to if you were too weird for LA, but too lazy for New York… {it} is now the home of the most aggressively irritating doucebags in America. 

Though it does have the caveat that it also includes one Vampire. As someone who briefly worked there, I can attest to the douchebag part of this statement, not so sure about the Vampires, I always assumed they were down in Santa Carla. Anyway back to our story. The last issue revealed to us that Draculina is kind of a bitch and shares her body with a young alternate version of herself called Imogen. They are currently locking heads trying to see who can be the dominant persona, and the elder definitely has the advantage. 

Before we get into it this issue does have some pretty heavy imagery so try to take it easy.

We get a lot more history on both of our leads and how they have been forced to share a body. Not only that we are now finally seeing why they act the way they do. Strangely, the book has taken time to Humanize them both. Right before giving us a nightmare-inducing demon. You just got to love that sort of contradiction, thematically it fits in perfectly with everything else this book is throwing at us. Once again showing us why Christopher Priest is one of the industry’s best. 

As for the artwork Michael Sta. Maria does an amazing job, especially since they have had to draw some pretty graphic scenes, nothing gets too gratuitous and everything remains tasteful. Then there are these brilliant tonal shifts where some of the book is in color while the rest is in Black and White. It is such a visual feast. 

Still, this book is merely a tease and is building up to so much more. But I will be grabbing myself a copy come the 9th of March 2022.

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