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Dynamite Bettie Page (Vol. 6): The Alien Agenda #1

When last we read about Bettie she was in Ireland taking on a Banshee, it seems now the American Government has a more important task for her. They need Bettie solving the ancient mysteries of the Pyramids and taking on Aliens all at once.

Sounds just like another day for the one and only Bettie Page.

From the moment I read the last run of this series, I was hooked. It was funny, it had some great action, it dealt with the weird and wacky, it was pulpy and camp but most of all it had some heart. All that really endeared it to me, and I know I am far from the only one out there. So if you are new to this series issue 1 of this run is the perfect place to start.

The book has a pretty diverse cast which I know some might roll their eyes at, but I like it and think it plays to the strengths of the series. Then again that cast is still being headed up by the always awesome and endlessly iconic Bettie Page so seriously, what’s not to like? 

Ok, so you may need more convincing…

The plot of this series deals with some of my favorite science fiction tropes, it seems that “Bettie Page (Vol. 6): The Alien Agenda #1” weaves together both the Ancient Aliens theory and the Roswell Crash. So there you go you have one of the most iconic women of the 20th century on the hunt for some alien tech, if you do not want to read this you are clearly dead inside. 

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the head writer on this one is none other than the brilliant Ani-Mia. If you are unfamiliar with her then let me give you a brief rundown. Ani-Mia is a woman of many talents, she is one of the most popular cosplayers out there, a host, a talented writer, and just a lovely person, at least she was the one time I met her – who knows she could secretly be evil, but I doubt it.

And as an added bonus the artwork for this series is being done by the incredibly skilled Celor whose work on the KISS: Phantom Obsession is absolutely stunning. Bettie Page (Vol. 6): The Alien Agenda #1 will be on sale as of the 9th of March 2022 and I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy, it looks like it will be the perfect out of this world adventure to help distract you from everything going on in the world today.

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