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Dynamite: Nyx #4

Nyx has been an utter joy to read. On the surface level, it is this shallow book about a gorgeous bombshell of a character but from the moment you begin to read the dialogue you just know there is so much more lurking within these pages. Issue 4 not only continues this trend but it doubles down on everything and I am loving it.

When last we left our protagonist she was contemplating separating her human and demonic halves. Issue 4 see’s the outcome of her decision…

The two major themes of this series are parentage and finding who we are. And I guess those really speak to me because I am in my middle years, I have a strained relationship with my family and I have no bloody clue who I am. Especially because I am somewhat defined by my family, I guess I owe Christos Gage a big thank you for giving me this story to help me through this point in my life. But it is not just me, I am sure to some extent this is all of us and that is why I just love the exploration of these universal themes. And I am hooked on the fact that it looks like it is leaning towards the conclusion that “we may be born of our parents but we are not our parents”. Taking it one step further by reinforcing that we are more than one thing, we are complex and that is ok.

Stepping away from this series deep philosophical questions, I did adore the introduction of Victoria Pendragon. A vampire/demon hunter with a sense of humor and someone who though far from effeminate still oozes sex appeal. Not only all that but she did give us a couple of great moments of action that really popped. 

There you go, you have beautiful women, dark sorcerers,. deep philosophical questions, sound life advice about always checking your MDMA, what more could you ask for?

Nyx Issue 4 will be on sale from the 16th of February 2022



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