Did The New Dr Strange Trailer Just Tease The Illuminati?

So we got a new Dr Strange trailer and it seems like there may be a few familiar faces set to appear in this series…

I woke up at midnight last night to see that Twitter was abuzz with this new Marvel trailer, so I just had to have a little peak and see what everyone was on about. I was not ready for this…

At the 1:17 mark, we see Steven in a large While hall, being handcuffed, and then we hear what appears to be the beautiful sound of Sir Patrick Stewarts’ voice. 

Now this all may be a red herring, but it does seem like the Illuminati will be appearing in the MCU !!!

So who are the Illuminati?

Pretty much 6 of the most powerful heroes in Marvel – Namor, Professor X, Black Bolt, Dr Strange, Tony Stark, and Reed Richards. And it looks like the new Dr Strange movie is going to be revealing them to us…

Or just teasing us massively.

But with everything going on in the Multiverse, does this not seem like the perfect time for an alternate group of powerful heroes to step in and save the day?

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