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Dynamite: Vampiverse #3

We are now on issue three of this exhilarating series. Thomas Sniegoski and Jeannine Acheson have given Vampirella fans their greatest desire, by crafting an entire multiverse of Vampirella’s. Though at the same time they have given us our greatest fear, in this multiverse exists a villain so heinous that she wants to kill as many variations of our beloved character as possible. Will issue three be the one where good is finally triumphant over evil, or will we be forced to watch another of our beloved Vampirella’s be slain?

I guess the only way you can know for sure is if you grab yourself a copy.

Beyond this, there might be some mild spoilers.

I am sure artist Daniel Maine had a lot of fun with this issue. It starts off in a black and white Pleasantville fantasy and quickly moves to Golden Age of Hollywood meets Dick Tracy with a sprinkle of Carmen Sandiago. How many books can have that sort of claim to fame behind it, And not only is there a tonne of gorgeous art, the story is jammed packed with action too. 

You have world-hopping, beautiful artwork, genera bending storytelling, a blimp, and one of the bizarre sidekicks in comic book history. If I said anymore I would just be throwing out major spoilers. 

Vampiverse #3 will be on sale from the 3rd of November 2021, please grab yourself a copy and I hope you all enjoy it. 


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