PeachMilky Really Loves 7-Eleven

Konbini are a major staple of Japanese life. They are for all intents and purposes Convenience Store, but far better than any we have in the West. Imagine a Convenience store that is clean, has an amazing variety of food, food you can cook there or take home with you, healthy yet delicious snacks and hot menu items, plus quite a few unhealthy ones and dozens of seasonal goods to keep you coming back for more.

So Konbini’s are a big deal with Familymart, Lawsons, and 7-Eleven being the big three.

With that information in hand it is easy to see why Cosplayer PeachMilky, who is currently living in Japan, decided to put this unusual, yet brilliant costume together.

It is quite the ode to a part of Japanese culture that many do not know exists and now really makes me want to go to  7-Eleven.

If you are a fan and want to see more of her work then check out the links below:







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