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Dynamite: Elvira Meets Vincent Price #2

If you are the boring and serious type then I highly suggest you turn away now. But if like me you cannot resist a bit of campy fun then I have a treat for you. May I present Elvira meets Vincent Price, issue 2, sure it’s a tad silly, brilliantly ludicrous, and utterly self-aware but you are going to love it.  Elvira meets Vincent Price is like no other book on the market. If you hate this book then you either lack class or just hate fun.

So are you ready to jump into the wild world of the Mistress of Darkness or do you hate fun?

Issue two of this crazy trip finally explains what is going on, through possibly the best exposition dump in history, yes I am praising an exposition dump – it is just that good. The plot is pretty meta and that just helps keep the laughs coming. Even when things get serious the book still makes us laugh. 

Both Vincent and Elvira come off as fully fleshed-out characters and that is bloody difficult to do, especially since again this is only issue two. And even though they face certain doom we the readers cannot help but want to tag along.

We now find ourselves going on a world-spanning journey with two icons of horror, who might I add are the only hope we have at saving this crazy world, so what is there now to love?

Did I mention that this trip involves a cult, a dead god, and Ancient Egyptian mythology?

In the year 2021 this book particular issue has been a godsend, honestly if you need a pick me up grab yourself a copy. It will be on sale from the 8th of September 2021.

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