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Dynamite: KISS: Phantom Obsession #2

When last we left our musical men of valor they were being held captive by an evil, yet eccentric billionaire and his horde of artificial humans. Yes, this is the kind of adventure that only the world’s greatest band, KISS could survive.

From here onwards I warn you there will be some serious spoilers. (If you are wondering why the short intro, well because this is KISS and they have no time to mess around on intros)

Issue two of this series really takes things up to eleven. Not only do we get reminded that KISS are gods of Rock N Roll but we find out that they are literal gods as well. With their alternate personas of The Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman, and The Catman apparently representing their inner selves. This is an interesting concept in itself, especially coming from Nerd culture where many of us dress up and don make-up to express who we wish we were. 

Now the madness does not stop there, oh no, writer Ian Edginton gives KISS a truly worthy foe, by unleashing a group of Kaiju on them…

Just imagine that, a group of Kaiju vs a God Tier version of one of the world’s greatest musical acts ever!

Yes, issue three cannot come soon enough. But in the meanwhile, we can certainly appreciate the gorgeous art of Celor and the colors of Valentina Pinto. Both of them have done an amazing job of bringing Edginton’s story to life.

And if you want to read this book then I am glad to tell you that it will be available from the 8th of September at your local comic book store, or via Dynamite’s own website.



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