The Wheel Of Time Trailer Breakdown

I am so glad that The Wheel of Time trailer is finally out, because it means I can stop boring my friends with talk of how great this series will be, because lets face it the trailer has done an amazing job of showing off Amazons next big hit.

If you loved Lord of THe Rings then you will love this…

This is Emonds Field, the home town of our protagonists.

This is a nice shot of our three main male leads all enjoying a happy drink in what I assume is the Winespring Inn, their local tavern. I know some people are not happy with the casting but I really think this is spot on.

This looks to be the White Tower and by extension the city of Tar Valon. This is the home of the Aes Sedai a legion of female magic users sword to defend the world.

I can confirm that this the ruling council of the Aes Sedai and each colour here represents the Ajha’s. Each Ajha has a speciifc mission –

Green – are the military might of Tar Valon

Blue – involve themselves with righteous causes and justice

Red – hunt down male magic users

Yellow – are devoted to the studies of Healing

Gray – these are dedicated to politics and diplomacy

White – Are the philosophers

Brown – dedicate themselves to history, science, learning and the general pursuit of knoweldge.

This is the leader of the Aes Sedai, Siuan Sanche. I was not so keep on this casting but upon seeing her for the first time I have changed my mind. She has the intimidating stare that Siuan needs to have.

Within the books they repeatedly come to this evil haunted city and I believe this is it – Shadar Logoth

This appears to be out first proper view of Trollocs. These massive half human half animal beasts.

And this is our first view of the Half-Man. These are the leaders of Trollocs and nearly impossible for a mortal to kill.

I just loved this final shot of Morraine and Lan fighting side by side. They move together in perfect harmony and it shows that with these two the writers really knew what they where doing.

A great first look and I cannot wait to see more.

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