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Dynamite: George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings (Vol. 2) #14

With The Battle of the Blackwater concluded it is time for Westeros to recover. Yet with the defeat of Stannis comes shock waves that will affect everyone across this continent. In the latest issue we will see how both Arya and Sansa deal with this new reality. 

A Clash of Kings had some truly dark moments and few can rival any scene set in Harrenhal. It is here that Arya began her true decent into her darker self and this issue helps show how truly ruthless she can be. Though this does all tie into the fact that she is a young girl who is suffering from PTSD and is constantly in a heightened state of awareness. Still, this is truly a key issue if you are a fan of Arya.

Meanwhile back in Kingslanding Tywin Lannister is basking in his great victory. The scenes here are a lot calmer than that of the previous issue, yet there is so much going on. Let’s just say King Joffery is heavy handed with both his rewards and his punishments. Landry Q. Walker truly has done an amazing job of adapting this series into this format. In my humble opinion, I find it better than the Tv series and more accessible than the original books.

Of course, it would all be for nothing without the fantastic art of Mel Rubi and the colours of Ivan Nunes. Each have helped brings this world to life in a way that readers of the books have yearned for ever since we read the opening paragraph in A Game of Thrones.

A Clash of Kings Volume Two Issue 14 on sale as of the 26th of July 2021.

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