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The Drew and Look Podcast: The White Event – 35 Years of Marvel’s New Universe Pt 1

For a podcast to tackle the world of Marvel is nothing new, but Andy Luke might just have found a way to come at Marvel with a unique take. In his latest Podcast he stops and takes a look at a failed marvel universe, one that sounds utterly fascinating. 

In his own words he has this to say about this months topic:

“July 22, 1986 saw the birth of Marvel’s New Universe: eight comics created for the company’s 25th anniversary, separate from the MCU and free of the baggage of continuity. Despite personality clashes, corporate machinations and critical panning, comics’ brightest stars persevered to create some quite good stories.”

Now I am a huge Marvel fan but i had actually never heard of this other universe. A universe that was created to not have Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron man in it. Instead this universe had Spitfire and the Troubleshooters, Mark Hazzard: Merc and Psi-Force, to name a few. It was very different from Marvel was doing and the more I hear about this failed universe the more I get that dread feeling that fans did not like it because it was new and different.

From listening to Andy talk on it you can see that there was a tonne of talent behind the seems, just little money. But this was talent telling new stories, stories that dealt with a more grounded world and even talked about ideas most of us gloss over, such as what it is like to be disabled. Not only that but the New Universe would predate Neil Gaimans Sandman with their own dream themed protagonist by several years.

Andy has truly come onto something special with this one and even if you are not a comic fan I am sure you will find it utterly fascinating.

As always if you are curious then check out the Podcast here.

And as always check out Andy Luke’s links below


Amazon – where you can grab some books by Andy himself



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