Minari – Film Review

By now I think most of the world knows about this movie. It is on course to win more than one Oscar and has done exceptionally well on the award circuit. Minari is the American tale told in a way we have never seen before.

The story of a South Korean family moving to a farm in Arkansas to find their own success. With a few laughs, realistic drama, a lot of love and one foul mouthed granny this is a fantastic film. Much like growing a crop this movie is patient but ever so rewarding,

Before I say anymore I will simply say this, I loved this film, it is beautiful and touching and honestly you should just stop reading this and just go watch it. In no way will you be disappointed. On saying that going forward there will be a few spoilers so you have been warned.

Right off the bat writer and director Lee Isaac Chung has done a fabulous job with this film, probably because it is semi-autobiographical so he has a lot to draw on. The rest is because Lee has a natural eye for catching a good image, one that he has continued to work on and improve. It honestly is a real shame that Hollywood did not wake up and notice this guy sooner, but then we may never have gotten this gem of a movie.


But what would a movie be without its cast Steven Yeun, Han Ye-ri, Alan Kim, Noel Kate Cho, Youn Yuh-jung and Will Patton are all fantastic in this movie and I can see why there has been so much praise being heaped upon the cast. Even the smaller roles are all played quietly and subtly. 

Speaking of subtle that is something else I was surprised by, the film itself perfectly encapsulates┬áthat word. I expected to go into this with a heap of racism being thrown at me. But no, though there are a few remarks made from children, more born from ignorance than hate, you never seen any out right extreme racism. I’m sure it could have been added in but Lee Isaac Chung was not looking to tell that sort of story. In stead he chooses to focus on the family and their internal struggles.

So you have a beautiful film, a talented cast and a compelling story, what else could you want?

How about a graceful and superb score?

I have no doubt that Emile Mosseri, who scored this picture, will be a household name within the next few years. 

One of the best films of the last 12 months and one everyone should see, humanity boiled down to one family, Minari is a film for everyone.


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