Looking For An Alternate To Source Of Energy To Help You Game Longer?

As many of you already know I am overweight and part of that is down to me drinking way to many energy drinks. Sure, there are diet varieties out there, but they are just not the same. Once I have had the original it is hard to go back. That is why I was ecstatic about having a chance to review the newest product by Beyond NRG.

Marketed as “the next phase in energy drinks for gamers”, I thought this is a bit much but honestly after spending my weekend chugging the stuff, I have to admit it does work, and tastes pretty great too.

Unlike your Monsters and Red Bulls Beyond NRG is more like a pre-workout drink, where you make it yourself and it is tailored towards stimulating the mental over the physical.

Taken directly from their website: “By hand-picking specific ingredients that enhance your gaming experience, Beyond is a drink that will suit every style of gamer. An incremental release in energy comes from a naturally sourced caffeine, that outrivals synthetic alternatives. But the magic starts when we look at the nootropics! Plant-based, the list of exotic benefits includes improved blood flow, increased alertness and reduction in fatigue. All things essential when gaming over long periods of time, keeping you focused and level-headed. Vitamins and minerals are key to healthy wellbeing and sometimes, we don’t get enough from our regular diets. We’ve only included ingredients that can make a difference. At inclusion rates that others just can’t reach. We figure… If we go beyond, you go beyond.”

I can attest that this drink will perk you up and stop you from stretching over to grab an unhealthy snack.

Not only that but these come in a host of delicious flavors. 

  • Blue Raspberry Lemonade

  • Honeydew melon, grape & raspberry

  • Mango, pineapple & blood orange

  • Strawberry, watermelon & lime

  • Wild forest fruits 

  • There are also two limited edition Mortal Kombat themed favors that are really worth trying.

You can buy these in 400mg tubs and also small single use sachets. To make it even more accessible you can get shakers that on the cheaper side let you see how much water and powder you need and the vortex shaker that mixes the beverage for you.

I genuinely love and endorse this product so seriously you should pop over to their homepage and try it yourself


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