Another Fantastic Track From BAND-MAID

As per usual they greet us with their now infamous line:

“Welcome home,masters & princesses”

And once the music stars we know we are truly at home.

The video shifts between the band being moved around in cars then to some stunning visuals. It is quite odd but so BAND-MAID.

As always Saiki Atsumi’s vocals are on point and are only brought to new heights by her band mates.

[バンドメイド 「Warning!」 歌詞]

[Verse 1/バース 1]
(Wait) 止まってよ
(Run) 走り出す
(Time) 止まれない
(What?) 誰しもが
Nothing, nothing much

Keep it up
早く 急かすほど遠くなる
I don’t need you もう
I don’t need you for me
No, no, no (Why don’t you?)

[Chorus/コーラス サビ]
生き様全て マニュアル
Look at me, look at you
鬼さん此方へ 手の鳴る方 (Oh-oh-oh)
ピント合わない マヤカシ
Please save me
所詮 結末なんて

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