I Think Bernie Sanders Just Won Best Meme of January 2021

Before we get into this I am not getting political.

Bernie Sanders is no stranger to being in memes but after his appearance at the inauguration he skyrocketed into the world of memes and honestly it really got me through a tough week. 

People have stuck him into some of their favorite Tv shows:


Their favorite Movies:

He has even made the jump to some pretty iconic albums


But the fun does not stop there, see if you can spot him in these now iconic historical photos


Or other memes

People have then added him to some of their favorite places 


He has also somehow snuck into legendary MMO Phantasy Star Online

And has assumed his role as the Emperor of Meme Kind, upon the Golden Throne at the heart of Holy Terra

When asked about the outfit he pretty much brushed it off as something unimportant, which just makes it all the more brilliant.

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