JinxKittie Is Gone Forever !!!

With a new year comes a new time for change and it seems that Cosplayer Jinxkittie has decided to take that advice in stride.

In a post to her fans on Instagram she had this to say:

“Goodbye JinxKittie, hello Jinxie! Some of you may have noticed I changed my cosplay name! New year, new me, right? Well! I got locked out of my page for 2 weeks trying to do this, but finally here we are! 🖤

JinxKittie was a gamertag and cosplay nickname I used to have, back in 2014! Over the past 6 years my cosplay grew beyond a hobby and into my professional career, and I feel that my old name just does not follow through with that. So everything has been streamlined down to a more professional, cleaner name: Jinxie!

You guys have been calling me Jinxie for years now, so I guess this is just making it official! Thank you for all you support over the years! Jinxie isn’t going anywhere, and I am going to be bringing bigger and better things this year! 🖤😉”

A rebrand is a bold idea and one that could pay off for her, besides like she said the majority of her fans already have dubbed her Jinxie. So best wishes to her and lets hope that this new change brings great things.



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