Hulu May Have Just Given Us The Cutest Xmas Film

With Christmas just around the corner we could all use a much needed pick up, you know a feel good Christmas film to raise all our spirits and Hulu might just have the perfect one for us all. Happiest Season follows Abby, played by Kristen Stewart, young woman plans to propose marriage to her girlfriend while attending her family’s annual holiday party. The only catch is that her girlfriend hasn’t come out to her conservative parents yet.

I am guessing that this is going to fall somewhere between Meet The Parents and Guess Whose coming to dinner. But with a lot of Christmas sprinkled in for good measure. Part of me wondera will they make someone pick between their partner or their family?

While the sentimental part of me hopes that it is just happy Christmas film.

The fact that we have a Christmas movie that does not fetishize Lesbianism and shows it as a normal part of life in 202 is just wonderful. I am sure that there is a lot about LBGTQ+ relationships that I may never get and being a man there is definitely a lot about lesbian relationships I will never understand. But this film may help show us a a brief snap shot of a world many will never understand, while mixing in plenty of themes we can all get.

And as an extra bonus Tegan and Sara are on the sound track. Ever since these duo came onto the scene I have been a huge fan, so yes I am 100% in favor of this movie.

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