Are You In Need Of Some On The Go Retro Gaming?

You there !

Yes you, who else would I be talking to?

You look like you would be in the need a bonified old-fashioned good time?

Come on it’s 2020 are you going to turn your nose up at having some fun?

Yes I thought you would come round to my way of thinking. May I present this retro handheld console courtesy of Orb Gaming. Coming to you from a time of innocence, when you did not have to update every bloody game, when you could switch on your favourite console and play for hours. This wee beast comes complete with a 2.2-inch LCD screen with built-in speakers. Not only that but it has an amazing 200 8-bit games for you to spend hours on.

How can you say no to this baby. It is such a sweet deal. For a measly $16 this is a bargain. Come on you would spend that much on a Soda and Movie ticket and unlike a movie ticket you can actually use this in 2020.

So don’t be a square and click on this link and get yourself one

I bet you can’t even beat my high score.

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