Nine Days Is The Reason We Should Make Films

I really have no words for this film, none that I think could do it justice. The trailer just hit me with an emotional gut punch, one that at 6AM I was just not quite ready for. Nine Days follows a recluse as he interviews a collection of different souls to offer them the chance to be born.


It is such a simple yet beautiful idea. Far to many of our stories deal with death and living life, yet far to few deal with what happens before. In fact the only other film I can easily think of is Pixars Soul, which says a lot. They call Death the great unknown but I would dare say we know even less about what comes before.

Questions like when do we achieve sentience?

And When did I start remembering?

These have stuck with me for a long time and have always fascinated me. But Nine Days deals with more than that, it deals with potential, the potential of a human life, what one can do without the burdens constrained on it from birth. It truly is a beautiful concept and one that I am just drawn too.

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