The Spiral Cats Return To Promote K/DA One More Time

As we grow ever closer to the new League Of Legends EP Release date Riot Games are continuing to build up the hype.

If you can cast your minds back to 2018, when the world was a much better place, Riot Games enlisted the Spiral Cats to help promote K/DA at the League World Championships.

With the Baddest being a certified hit with the fan base it only feels natural that the girls would come back for another round.

And this time they are going all out…

As you can see the girls are not alone. This cosplay super group not only features Doremi and Tasha, from Spiral Cats, portraying Ahri and Akali . But it also features models Somber as the ever popular Kai’sa, Lanha as the deadly Evelynn, and one of Nerdgeists favorites Eki Holic as the newest League of Legends character Seraphine.

Seems that K/DA are going for a more K/DA colorful look with their new costumes…

Meanwhile Eki Holic brings out Seraphines cuter look and the fans love it.

AS EP’s go this one is very unique and that uniqueness warrants such a unique promotion. I am thoroughly looking forward to its release.

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