The Best Tamagotchi-Like Games On Mobile

Remember the Tamagotchi? The small pebble shaped device that was undoubtedly one of the biggest toy crazes of the late 1990s and early 2000s. While not as widespread as it once was, there is still a huge growing community of players hungry for their next virtual pet experience.

Pet simulation games have made a real comeback in the mobile gaming sphere, thanks to a technical leap in visuals and playability. Portability has always been a major advantage for the Tamagotchi genre, so it was only a matter of time before they became a hit on this platform. And who can say no to having an adorable friend on your phone?

We’ve collated our pick of the mobile apps you need to fill that Tamagotchi void in your life – or of course, your pocket.

  • My Talking Tom and Friends

The latest offering in the hugely popular Talking Tom franchise from creators Outfit7. This app chart topping game gives players the chance to join Talking Tom and all his famous friends as they move into their first home together. Alongside taking care of their needs, players can also customise everything from the house itself to the character’s outfits. In a unique twist, each character has its own personality and skills, from baking to art. Players can help the characters build on these through fun minigames and improving their skills! 

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  • My Tamagotchi Forever

Of course we couldn’t do a ‘games like Tamagotchi’ round-up without including the mobile game version of Tamagotchi. From the original creators of Tamagotchi, BANDAI NAMCO, My Tamagotchi Forever brings your favourite 90s creatures to your smartphone. Keeping in with the original game, the aim is to evolve your Tamagotchi successfully from babies to adults. 

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  • Pou

A virtual pet game from creators Zakeh, you’ll quickly find similar Tamagotchi ideas in action, as you feed your alien pet Pou, play with it, and watch it grow up. Adding some extra depth to the gameplay, you’ll be tasked with ingame mini-games in the Game Room to earn coins and unlock wallpapers, alongside outfits to customize your Pou. You can even talk to Pou and listen back, but remember to be nice. 

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  • My Boo

Brought to you by Tapps Games, in My Boo players are given the task of – yep, there’s an ongoing theme here – feeding, washing, and making sure Boo’s health is in tip top condition. Boo’s house and outfits are extremely customisable, with a variety of styles and decorations to choose from. Players can enjoy over 20 mini games from Bubble Pop to Piano Boo to earn coins to buy items and food for their Boo.

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  • Pet Shop Story

A virtual pet game with a difference from TeamLava games. In a bit of a breakaway from the trend, players can create their very own pet shop to run and fill with animals including dogs, cats, birds and more. Players can even design new pets by cross breeding their collection! The game has a real community feel, as players can meet neighbours, make friends and visit nearby pet shops. Stick near your Wifi hub however, as Pet Shop Story can only be played when connected to the internet. 

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